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Easy Steps to Better Blogging – Part 2

Continuing on from our last blog post, titled easy steps to better blogging, we are now going to focus on 3 more points to help you blog better.

Make sure you check your spelling

Even though your blog should have an informal tone, you should still make sure that you check your writing. You can still be casual but make sure your work isn’t sloppy. If your blog posts have a lot of misspelled words in them, people will not think that you have any education and probably won’t take you seriously. Even if your spelling skills are not 100%, the blog post editor will usually highlight any misspelled words.

Make sure you are versatile

Whilst your blog should have a specific focus such as a painter would write about painting, you should also make sure that you occasionally touch on other topics which may not be directly related. A good example would be occasionally to post on current affairs, music or books as this will draw more people in to reading your blog. If you post about something that is popular on the Internet at that particular time you will more than likely find new people will be visiting your blog as they have been searching for it on Google.

Make sure you write blog posts regularly

After a while you will end up getting a regular group of people who will more than likely be looking for a new post every few days. If you want to make sure that your blog remains fresh and interesting, you should post often. Writing a blog post often, is something that will take very little time because your entries will be quite short. Remember, keeping your blog posts under 500 words is a good guide to go by.

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