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What do I Blog About?

Here’s what most people do when they decide to start a blog:

1. Sign in to a blog site

2. Pick a really cool name for their blog

3. Write a welcome post telling the world that they are going to blog about their every day lives and how it’s going to be the best thing ever

4. Never blog again.

So why does this happen?

Simple. They never had a clear idea what they were going to be blogging about to begin with.

Fact. Most peoples lives are boring.  If you can’t be bothered writing about your life online, do you really think that anyone else is going to be interested in reading it?

Fact. Successful Blogs are started with a clear and concise idea about what the blog is going to be about.

So how do you make a successful blog from the start? Pick a topic you are interested and be sure to pick a topic that other people may share the same interest in.  There’s nothing wrong with adding a post or here there about what’s happening in your life, in fact it is a great way to let people get to know you just that little bit better and engage with you on a regular basis.  Blogs are essentially another form of social interaction so there’s nothing wrong with getting to know each other, just keep the general focus on a particular topic that interests you.

Why pick a topic that you are passionate about?

It makes it a hell of a lot more fun and easier to write a blog post about something you enjoy doing.  You’ll find the words rolling off your tongue.

I have so many ideas.  I can’t possibly fit them all in to one blog…

That’s the great thing about blogging. There’s no limit to the amount of blogs you can create, in fact some of the most successful bloggers have quite a few different blogs all on different topics.  Take a leaf from our very own Australian, super successful blogger – Darren Rowse, he’s got quite a few successful blogs and is arguably the most successful Australian Blogger. You certainly don’t have to take it to the same level however if you have a look around his main blog, Pro Blogger you’ll see he focuses on one topic and one topic only. He even makes a decent living from blogging!

So we’ve covered the critical mistakes that people make when creating their first blog, let’s take a closer look at how to brainstorm BEFORE you jump the gate, create a blog and disappear in to the blue yonder.

Blog about what interests you the most…

If you have a look at our Blogging Ideas page you’ll see that there is a general run down on the types of blogs you can create.

Camping BlogsThe trick is to find a topic within a topic.  This is known as a niche.  Let’s say you like travelling.  What sort of travelling do you like?  Is it camping or overseas travel.  See where I am going here?

Out of the example above let’s take Camping as our niche idea. What happens when you create a blog about a niche is twofold.

1. It allows other people who share the same interest to interact with you on a more personal level via the comments section on your post.  In turn, you’ll probably end up visiting their blog and interacting with them.

2. Search Engines love blogs about a very specific topic.  If your blog is focused on a specific niche it tells the search engines that your blog is focused on this topic and gives you a better chance of being found.  There’s other ways you can increase your visibility on search engines but we’ll leave that for another time.

Well there you have it, some sure fire tips to help you on your way to being a successful blogger.  Have you already created your own niche blog?  What are your experiences with blogging? Let us know…

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