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AussieBlogs is the place where Australians can set up their own free blog and connect with other members of the AussieBlogs community.

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We love blogging too!  We are currently in the process on setting up some blogs of our own with a very Australian flavour.  Whenever you see the Aussie Blogs Official logo around the network it verifies that the blog has been created and verified by one of the Aussie Blogs Staff.

There’s not much to see here at the moment as this is a long term project however have a look if you’re interested.  Some sites are live whilst many are still under construction.

Sites we are currently working on:


Building & Construction





Pets & Animals


  • Molecular Staging – the detection and measurement of both proteins and nucleic acids.


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FREE 8gb of Storage

With 8gb of storage you'll never run out of room for all your pictures, music and videos. Other blogging sites will charge you over $19pa for the same amount of space.

FREE Premium Themes

Why should you pay just to make the blog look the way you want it. We have plenty of beautiful free premium themes to choose from.

FREE Private Blogs

Some times you just don't want your content viewable by the whole world. We give you the option to make your blog private and we don't restrict the amount of users you can have on a private blog.

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