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3 NEW Tutorials and Revised Browse Posts Page

Aussie Blogs Tutorials - Mastering Aussie Blogs

Aussie Blogs will always be a work in progress and this week has been no different. Help & Support We’ve been working hard over the last few days to update our Help and Support Content.  We’ve added 3 new tutorials to Mastering Aussie Blogs. 1. Changing your blogs post page from the front page 2. […]

New Video Tutorial – Introduction to Menus

Introduction to Wordpress Menus

We’ve got a new tutorial today courtesy of WPMU Dev – Introduction to Menus. For those who are looking for a bit an extra helping hand for themes which support custom menu’s this one worth a look You can find the tutorial here – Introduction to Menus

Share with Facebook, Twitter, Google +1

Easily share your posts on your Facebook wall, with Twitter and Google +1 We’ve just enabled the option to automatically add social sharing to your posts with the Twitter Facebook Social Sharing plugin. Here’s an example of what it looks like on your wall and friends news feeds when you click on the Facebook Like […]

How to Publish to your Aussie Blogs account using an Iphone

Aussie Blogs Dashboard

Being able to publish to your Aussie Blogs site allows you to post on the go.  Great for when you’ve got a story to share or a bit of spare time waiting for someone.  In this post, we’ll show you how to set up your Aussie Blogs Account for remote publishing. Step 1. Enable XML-RPC […]

Why having a identity for your blog is becoming a must!

Australian Blog Results

You’re an Australian…. right? With the likely hood of the big Search Engines taking in to consideration geographic location as well as search relevancy, having a domain name gives Australians a huge advantage at targeting Australians with their message over the traditional blogging platforms. With the explosion of social networking on the internet we […]

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FREE 8gb of Storage

With 8gb of storage you'll never run out of room for all your pictures, music and videos. Other blogging sites will charge you over $19pa for the same amount of space.

FREE Premium Themes

Why should you pay just to make the blog look the way you want it. We have plenty of beautiful free premium themes to choose from.

FREE Private Blogs

Some times you just don't want your content viewable by the whole world. We give you the option to make your blog private and we don't restrict the amount of users you can have on a private blog.

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