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Pet & Animal Blogs

A pet is a household animal kept for companionship and a person’s enjoyment. The most popular pets are noted for their attractive appearances and their loyal or playful personalities. Their pedigree may also be a factor. –

 beaglepetblog All About Beagles – A look at the Beagle dog including how to groom, feed and care for beagles.  Also some interesting posts on training your Beagle not to howl and why they are the perfect companion.
petbirdblog Pet Birds – A birds eye :) look at choosing the right pet bird for your family.  Learn about the different types of pet birds you can buy as well as feeding pet birds and what to do if your pet bird gets sick
petferretblog Pet Ferrets – Whilst not a common pet in Australia, Ferrets are growing in popularity around the world.  Learn where Ferrets come from, what laws exist when keeping ferrets and the special type of care they need.
petfishblog Pet Fish – Whether it is simple goldfish in a bowl, setting up a fish pond or an aquarium, this blog will show you how to complete simple tasks like removing algae from the fish tank through to setting up a freshwater tank.
germanshepherdblog German Shepherd Dogs – German Shepherds can be misunderstood animals.  Discover how to care for these noble creatures including how to treat skin problems as well as exercising your dog.
retrieverpetblog Gold Retrievers – Golden Retrievers have an infectious smile and are great with kids.  Find out more about the history of the Golden Retriever along with how to socialise your dog and grooming.
guineapigpetblog The Guinea Pig – The Guinea Pig (also known as a Cavy) is similar in looks to a rabbit.  Find out about the good and the bad with these pets including special considerations when keeping a guinea pig at home.
 petrabbitblog Pet Rabbits – Learn how to Rabbit proof your home (in a good way of course), how to breed rabbits and how to house train them.  Discover how to build your own Rabbit cage.
 petterrierblog Terrier Dog – Terriers come in all shapes and sizes.  This blog takes a look at the different breeds including the Temperament, what to feed them and grooming your terrier.
dachshundpetblog Dachshund Pups – What makes a Dachshund so special?  Coming originally from Germany in the 1600’s to chase vermin, Dachshunds are a strong willed, resourceful and persistent dog.  Find out why Dachshund’s make such great companions.

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