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Whilst we make every effort to maintain the quality of the Aussie Blogs Network, sometimes a site or page of questionable nature will slip through the system.

Here is what happens in the background to reduce the likeliness of abuse occurring within the Aussie Blogs Network.

  1. Use Anti Splog software to catch questionable blogs at the time of signup
  2. Use a content monitoring system which checks the network on a regular basis
  3. Manually review random accounts each and every day
Unfortunately however, even with these methods, the odd one slips through the system.

If you find any material on Aussie Blogs which you consider to be inappropriate or breaks our Terms of Service please copy and paste the template below and email to us.

We will review the site accordingly and if we find that the complaint is justified, it will be removed from the Aussie Blogs Network.

Please note:  The removal of a site from the Aussie Blogs Network is at the sole discretion of Aussie Blogs.

To report abuse, please send an email to feedback [at] Please ensure the following information is included in the email.

Subject: Abuse Report

If the page you are reporting is believe to be infringing copyright please also provide a link to the URL of the original material.

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