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Why Blog?


Why Blog ? Why do people blog?  Why Blog at all?

Why blog? – For some people they can answer the question “Why Blog?”  off the top of their head  yet for others it can be difficult to explain.  In this article, we look at the different types of blogs, what motivates people to blog and answer the question – Why Blog?

Why Blog? – For us to understand better why some people can answer this question easily whilst others can’t, we need to break down blogging in to its fundamental basics.

Why Blog? – Personal Blogs

A personal blog is one which has been created merely for the enjoyment of it.

Why Blog - Social Networking

Why Blog when you’ve got Facebook?

Like social networking applications such as Facebook, blogging is simply another form of social networking – just on a grander scale and just like these other social networking applications there are a few reasons why people turn to blogging as a form of social interaction.  Now you have the whole world as your audience rather than just your family and friends.

So Why Blog to random strangers…

If you are already a blogger, sit and think for a minute what drives you to sit at a computer and write blog posts to a bunch of random strangers.  Do you enjoy it when someone comments on your post? Do you like conversing with other people who share a similar interest?

Why Blog? – it’s a part of social networking!

So why do some bloggers have advertising on their blogs?

Well there can be a couple of reasons.

1. The blogging service that they are using displays ads in order to make revenue for the service which they are providing.

2. The blogger thinks “Hey, If I can make some money out of something that I enjoy, then why not!”

At some point there comes a fine line between when a personal blog crosses the line in to business blogging.

Why Blog? – Here are some examples…

An Artist’s Blog – Whilst an artist may really enjoy their artistry, they will quite often have links to sell their paintings online.

Mummy Bloggers – These type of bloggers usually enjoy what they are blogging about and conversing with other mummy bloggersWhy Blog - Mummy Bloggers however selling a bit of advertising space or reviewing a companies product for which they have received a free sample as compensation.

The easiest way to determine whether you are a personal blogger or business blogger is to ask yourself the question – “Would I still do this if I was not getting any compensation for my efforts?”.

Why Blog at Aussie Blogs? – If creating your own personal blog sounds like something you would be interested in, why not create yours today? Start by having a look at our blog ideas page and how to get started blogging on Aussie Blogs.

Why blog with Aussie Blogs?

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